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Washington DC Dining

Washington DC Restaurants near our Hotel

Foodies can find a wide range of cuisines and restaurants in DC, from small, independently owned Asian, Spanish, and Ethiopian restaurants to more traditional, upscale establishments. If you’re particularly interested in seeing as much as you can from DC’s food scene, there are a number of guided “food tours” which fully showcase DC’s delicious restaurants, like the DC Metro Tours


If you enjoy, fried food and good beer, then you owe it to yourself to check out GBD (which stands for “golden brown and delicious”). This restaurant’s menu features comfort food staples including fried chicken, biscuits and doughnuts presented in an upgraded, fanciful fashion by Chefs and Owners Kyle Bailey and Tiffany MacIsaac.

Union Market

A year-round indoor marketplace, Union Market boasts 40 local artisans handpicked by famed Chef Richie Brandenburg. After working with Washington, DC’s star chef, Chef José Andrés, Chef Brandenburg turned an industrial warehouse into a culinary epicenter in Washington, DC.


For lovers of Japanese izakaya-style food, Chinatown’s Daikaya serves delicious ramen soups downstairs and fried Japanese bar food upstairs.